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Welcome to the BlackTaoist website. Home of the martial arts expert Novell Bell.

Novell G. Bell A.K.A. The Black Taoist has been involved in the Chinese martial arts since 1982. He is trained in Yin Style BaGuaZhang, (Cao branch) Lohan Shaolin, Hsing Yi Chuan, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi Chuan, and San Shou.

As an instructor and practioner, Novell teaches all mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the martial arts; Yet, he stresses the practical usage of the Chinese martial arts system. Sensitivity, timing, and proper usage of power and technique are not just shown but emphasized.

The chinese internal martial arts are also known for having superior positive impact on negative health conditions. Quite often, individuals can improve their health, as well as procure a peace of mind while developing practical combat skills for self-defense.

  • 2001 Kung Fu Strike Challenge - US vs. China San Shou - 1st place, full contact fighting
  • 2000 Summer Bash Chinese Martial Arts Championships - 1st place, fighting and forms.
  • 2000 Li Thai Liang Kung Fu International San Shou Strike Challenge - 1st place, full contact fighting
  • 1998 2nd Pan American Wu Shu Championships - 1st place, fighting, and moving push hands
  • 1997 11th Annual Yokuzuna Tournament of Champions -1st place, fighting and forms.
  • 1995 New York City kung Fu tournament - 1st place, fighting and forms.
  • 1995 Summer Bash Chinese Martial Arts Championships - 1st place, fighting, forms, and push hands.
  • 1991 Battle on the Border Open Karate Championships - 1st place, full contact fighting
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BlackTaoist featured in MMA Supremacy Video Game

Black Taoist supremacy mma video game


BlackTaoist 411 "Ba Gua Zhang Training" (E-Mail response)

Inside Martial Arts T.V. With Novell Bell

Novell Bell On BET's MMA Reality Show Iron Ring

novell neddlesWalking The Walk

Novell Bell has earned worldwide notoriety as an outspoken authority on yin style baguazhang, never backing down froma heated debate or controversial subject.
In person, however, Bell is warm, friendly, and easy going. While no one will ever accuse him of being

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rudy and novell Jiang Rong Qiao DVD

This is an instructional digital media video consisting of BaGuaZhang warm up exercises, and the whole 8 palm set from Jiang Rong Qiao BaGuaZhang as taught by Sifu Novell G. bell AKA The Black Taoist

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B.P. Chan
B.P. ChanFirst Encounter

I first met Master B. P. Chan in 1982 through my first internal martial art teacher Sifu Rudy Curry Jr. Sifu Rudy was a student of master B P Chan, and arranged for me to meet master Chan and have my Ba Gua Zhang observed and corrected for any error. During this time Master Chan was...

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