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spacer - Articles: Master B. P. Chan

Master B. P. Chan

MAY 30, 1922 - MARCH 17, 2002


B.P. ChanB.P. Chan started his studies of Chinese marital arts training at the age of 10 in Fu-Kien, china, his birthplace. It was there that he met his first teacher, Chan Jin Ming, a Shaolin master. He learned other Northern Shaolin forms with Lian-Dak Fung in 1933.

As his interest grew, he went on to study Ba Gua, Hsing-Yi Boxing, Tung Tai Chi Chuan, Chan Style Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Staff, Tai Chi Knife, Tai Chi Push-Hands and Tam-Tuei. These are just a few of the many martial art forms that was practiced and taught by Grandmaster B P Chan.

Ba Gua Zhang & Hsing-I Chuan were relatively unknown in the US in 1976 when B. P. Chan started his classes in New York City. Master Chan studied Ba Gua Zhang with Lui Hing-Chow and Hsing-I with Chow Chang-Hoon.

I first met Master B P. Chan in 1982 through my first internal martial art teacher Sifu Rudy Curry Jr. Sifu Rudy was a student of master B P Chan, and arranged for me to meet master Chan and have my Ba Gua Zhang observed and corrected for any error. Doing this time Master Chan was teaching at 724 Ave. of America 24 street within Grand Master William C. C. Chan Tai Chi Chuan school.

My first meeting with Master B P Chan was a lucky beginning , I was fortunate to immediately began practicing with the small group of students Master B. P. Chan was teaching. There were only a few African Americans in Master B P Chan Chinese internal martial art class. Back in the 80's doing that time you could count on one hand how many brothers were in Master B P Chan martial art classes. Doing that time Master B P chan taught me his Ba Gua zhang and Hsing Yi Chuan.

Master B P Chan was a small man, but he was very powerful. He moved quickly and his martial techniques were always consistent. He always said correct internal practice always utilize concentrating, relaxing, feeling,and natural movements. He was a big time believer that a martial artist should move their body naturally in all their actions. For he said that is the true way to developing real martial power and internal strength.

Master B P Chan did not believe in utilizing intellectually logical parameters, to try to conceive of the internal martial arts. He believed that thought, reflection , analysis., Intention were worthless and that it was far better for a martial artist to have a empty mind, then have a intellectually tactical mind".

Master B P Chan was indeed an expert in Chinese internal martial arts. He really got across to me the theory of how to practice the internal martial arts and how important were the mind and natural movements of Chinese boxing. I will always give great thanks by keeping him within my heart and thoughts. I will miss Master B P Chan very much.

Novell Laoshi

Master William C.C. Chen gives acknowlegment to Master B. P. Chan

Master B. P. Chan Friend And Beloved Teacher

chenIt is difficult and painful to know that BP Chan (Bun-Piac Chan) will no longer physically be a part of the fabric of our school and of the lives of the many students our dear friend and colleague touched through the classes he taught at the school since the mid-1970's.

Until his death on March 17, Master Chan shared his profound knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan, Pa-Kua Chang, Hsing-I Chuan, Chi-Kung Meditation /Tai Chi Ruler and the many other martial arts forms in which he was skilled by blending clarity, precision, and seriousness of intent with a sometimes mischievous sense of humor and a smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes and warmed the hearts of his students.

Friends and students alike knew Master Chan as a man of unfailing honesty, a man who knew well the value of friendship and took great care to express his appreciation of that precious gift, a man who was respected and admired as much for his humility for the depth of the depth of his insight into the many martial arts he taught and practiced.

Someone once said that we are all caretakers of the things we learn from one another. Master Chan's family and friends will always carry their own memories of him, even those who had the privilege of studying with him only for a short time, to be shared as they see fit.

His senior students will do their best to honor this wonderful man by ensuring that the skills they learned from him and, most important, the example he set as a human being are shared with others in the same spirit in which they were shared by their generous teacher.

Master Guillermo B. P. Chan will never be Forgotten.

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