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ManupStandupTraditional Wushu Fighting League


The Mission of the Man Up Stand Up Traditional Wushu Fighting League is to bring together classically trained martial artists from all over the world to meet and compete utilizing their respective style(s) in a free fighting combat arena. This concept, developed by Sifu Novell G. Bell also known internationally as the Blacktaoist, is intended to showcase the techniques and skills of competitor's respective martial arts system(s) among their colleagues within the traditional martial arts community.

Each competitor must perform a kata/form/set from one of the styles that they represent prior to free fighting in order to qualify as being a legitimate traditional martial artist. During free fighting, application of authentic style will be gauged while scoring by the panel of judges.

Competitors from light to heavyweight, beginner to advanced are invited to test their metal at the Man Up Stand Up events. The judging of free fighting places high emphasis on the individual practitioner's application of their respective style(s). Uncontrolled brawling is outside of the scope of the Man Up Stand Up concept. Train hard and bring your technical combat skills to the Man Up Stand Up competition rings.

Interested parties can download the registration form by following the link at: Questions & sponsorship inquiries may be directed to Sifu Bell at:



Free fighting rules 

Click Here To Download ManupStandup Wushu Fighting League Registration Form


All prospective fighters must submit the following information:  
and send via email to as soon as possible for consideration. 

As a qualifier, all fighters will be required to perform a form/set from their style. Additionally, the fight judges will also score on authentic usage of the fighter's particular style in each round. 

The center referee and the referee general have the authority to DQ any fighter at any time. 
The center referee, the referee general, the fight doctor and EMT staff have the authority to stop the fight at anytime.  
Lightweight - Over 130 lbs or 58.967 kgs to 135 lbs or 61.235 kgs 
Middleweight  – Over 160 lbs or 72.575 kgs to 168 lbs or 76.204 kgs 
Heavyweight – Over 200 lbs or 90.719 kgs to unlimited 


To submit due to strikes or a lock a fighter must rapidly tap his open hand against any solid surface in view of the referee. 
Fighters will be designated as either blue or yellow by a colored sash. Each fighter is allowed 2 corner men (1st and assistant). If at any time either corner man steps onto the Lei Tai without express permission from the center referee or referee general their fighter will instantly be DQ.  
Conduct: Fighters and corner men are expected to be professional, calm and sportsmanlike at all times. Fighters can receive fouls or become DQ anytime they, their corner men or anyone affiliated with them deviates from these expectations. The judges, center referee, referee general, promoters, the competing fighter and everyone in attendance are to be respected at all times. Fighters, corner men, coaches and teammates are to exemplify Wu De/Mo Duk (martial virtue) at all times. 

Grappling: Grappling, throwing and joint locking are allowed. A 10 second count will be initiated once fighters begin grappling on their feet. If the fighters do not separate and neither fighter falls at the end of the count they will be separated and the round will continue. If both fighters fall to the floor and continue grappling a new 10 count will begin. (Fighters grapple for 4 seconds before Yellow throws Blue to the ground. Yellow follows Blue to the floor to pursue a lock. Referee begins new 10 count.) Joint locks may not be applied to a standing opponent. Submissions may occur from the floor through the execution of joint lock techniques, chokes (locking the fingers around the throat is not allowed) or successive strikes. The same legal striking areas and techniques apply to the floor. Fighters will be stood-up if there is no submission in 10 seconds. 


  1. Mandatory safety equipment : Headgear (optional) mouthpiece , groin cup, shine guard (optional) footgear (optional) Mix martial arts gloves or open finger gloves  12 oz  boxing gloves  or optional. Note all gloves must weight 12 oz.
  2. Scoring areas: Face, chest, stomach, thigh, and lower leg.  No Knockouts!  Beginners only side of the face is allow striking for scoring area. (No front of face.)
  3. No contact area: front of face, spine, back of head, knees, groin, and neck.  Contact to the front of face is only allowed in the intermediate and advanced sparring division.
  4. Use of elbows and knees only to the front of the body, no joint locks, no choking, no head butt, no body slams.
  5. Takedowns are allowed only in intermediate and advanced free fighting division.  Contact is continued with light to medium force doing free fighting.


Click Here To Download ManupStandup Wushu Fighting League Registration Form




Free style Push Hand Competition Rules

(No Weight Class) 

  1. The free style push hands division is for men.
  2. Competitors can wear a t-shirt, long pants and training shoes.  No jewelry or watchers are allowed to wear doing a push hand match.
  3. No sweeps, takedowns, joint locks or striking are allowed in beginner push hand division.
  4. Intermediate & advanced push hands division sweeps and takedowns are allowed.  No joint locks, striking, or body slams are not allowed.
  5. Each match will be timed for three minutes. One minute rest before between rounds, with total 2 rounds.
  6. Push Hands competitors will begin facing off with right hand and foot forward, right hand making contact to utilize sticking and listening energy. The Push hands judge will say begin and the match will initiate. 7. Winner will be determined by the best usage of push hands principles and how well they utilize the techniques of sticking, neutralizing, sinking, rooting and uprooting skills.  Maintaining ward off strength and use of proper aligned strength when retreating to neutralize an attack or when issuing a counterattack.
  7. 8.  PENALTIES AND STOPPAGES: You can get Penalized or disqualified for Pushing or shoving with brute force! If you‘re caught using brute force with no technique, the ref can issue a warning.  Keep getting caught not utilizing the push hand principles you’ll be Penalized or disqualified altogether from the match!


Click Here To Download ManupStandup Wushu Fighting League Registration Form


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