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spacer - Articles: Use Of The Mind

The Use Of The Mind

By Novell Bell


The mind is the key to open the solaced spiritual doors where our hidden internal powers lie dormant. Without the mind the physical body is useless. All martial art masters talk of the calm still mind and the strong spirit it takes to prevail in combat situations when the pressure is on. But how do we fully train our mind so that we can perform at our very best mentally and physically? Simple...Meditation!

Meditation is an excellent practice that will help develop an individual's frame of mind (consciousness). This is needed to awaken their full potential. From the practice of meditation we can learn how to center and empty our mind, as well tap in to our internal energies which lay hidden - untill we truly learn how to utilize our thoughts to our full abilities.

The person that has the best control of their mind will achieve victory among his/her enemies. The mind is everything in martial arts. If you don't develop a strong mind, then you sure as hell will never be able to cultivate and utilize your spirit, will, or emotion in anything that you do in life. So meditation is one of the best methods to help you improve your mental awareness and martial arts skills.

One concept to understand is emptiness. Wu Wei in Chinese or Mu Shin in Japanese describe a state of receptivity where you are prepared to receive and respond to anything that will upset your state of balance with the universe or your life state. The empty state of mind is used to eliminate mental blocks that stem from self-consciousness and negative ego that interfere with martial artist's actions.

Many great martial art masters stressed that an individual should understand the concept of trusting the inner self and the Universe to guide their actions in combat and in life. A martial artist must learn to clear their mind through practices that are seemingly paradoxically opposed to fighting.

Forms and styles are man made creations that came from the universal mind for purposes of survival when someone is in danger. To survive a fight, the attitude of facing possible death must be up front. All of my martial arts instructors stress this. When death is faced you develop the attitude of the warrior. When practicing martial arts individuals must train hard and focus on practicality. However when entering a real fight ones mind must be clear. Individual's minds and thoughts cannot be in the future thinking of beating their opponents - or in the past reviewing techniques. One must clear their mind and stay in the moment - fully aware, prepared to survive in the “NOW”! There are no thoughts of life or death. They must have a natural state of mental balance that keeps centered, yet, when they are attacked, they will act spontaneously, correctly and effortlessly! Neither aggressive or fearful. They stay in the empty mind state and respond to their opponent's actions calmly, prepared for whatever.

Practice your martial art and study the writings of the founders of your style and the doctrines of the east in order to further understand concepts of Meditation and Martial art tactics to help raise your consciousness's awareness to a higher level. Your teachers can’t fight your battles or raise your consciousness. You must do the work yourself to find the power within - which will lead to the enhancement of your personal growth and a focused mind that will be truly centered. Learn to Meditate and you will find your true source of inner power that can be used at anytime.

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