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Instructional Jiang Rong Qiao Ba Gua Zhang 8 palm change available for immediate video download

jiang rong qiao instructional

This is a instructional Download MPG Movie Video Consisting of BaGuaZhang warm up exercises, The whole 8 palm change of Jiang Rong Qiao BaGuaZhang, BaGuaZhang Chi Kung standing post exercise, and self defense applications of JRQ Original BGZ system as taught by Sifu Novell G. bell AKA BlackTaoist.

This is an instructional DVD designed to teach the whole eight palms of the Jiang Rong Qiao BaGuaZhang.

Instructional video run time: 48 minutes


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Instructional Ba Gua Zhang Penetrating Palm available for immediate download

Penetrating Palm VideoAbout this item: Now available for download: Instructional Ba Gua Zhang Penetrating Palm Linear routine. On this video Coach Novell will teach you step-by-step the complete Ba Gua Zhang linear penetrating palm form & the functional martial usage of the techniques contained within the Ba Gua Zhang Penetrating Palm Linear Form.

The Ba Gua Penetrating Palm Form is also a good shadow boxing routine for improving one's over all health, maintaining fitness flexibility and is a very good Chinese boxing form of self-defense. Bonus footage: Coach Novell give BaGua/XingYi introduction to White Plains Martial artists. Purchase your copy today.

Instructional video run time: 24 minutes


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Ba Gua is Energy before "MATHEMATICS"





WALK THE CIRCLE song performed by JoeSMPTE





Black Taoist featured in new video game on playstation vita -- Supremacy MMA





BlackTaoist's Welcome Mat

The Blacktaoist is currently offering a rare opportunity for individuals & interested groups to hone their tactics while sticking to their traditional martial arts style(s). Within martial arts circles people normally learn only from their selected school. Many teachers exert control measures over their students by disallowing them to interact or socialize with other practitioners.
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ManupStandup Traditional Wushu Fighting League

The Mission of the Man Up Stand Up Traditional Wushu Fighting League is to bring together classically trained martial artists from all over the world to meet and compete utilizing their respective style(s) in a free fighting combat arena. This concept, developed by Sifu Novell G. Bell also known internationally as the Blacktaoist, is intended to showcase the techniques and skills of competitor's respective martial arts system(s) among their colleagues within the traditional martial arts community.
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