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The Blacktaoist is currently offering a rare opportunity for individuals & interested groups to hone their tactics while sticking to their traditional martial arts style(s). Within martial arts circles people normally learn only from their selected school. Many teachers exert control measures over their students by disallowing them to interact or socialize with other practitioners.

Because of his love for and dedication to his Craft, Sifu Bell is stepping outside of that type of dogmatic programming in an effort to transmit authentic knowledge that can be put in motion to enhance any open minded martial artist's repertoire. Regardless of style or experience. You now have the opportunity to study with an internationally known real world hand-to-hand combat practitioner who thinks outside of the box and can apply, at-will, his teachings.

Gain the edge on the competition by learning how to incorporate skills from traditional Chinese Kung Fu styles including: Ba Gua Zhang, Hsing-I and Tai Chi Chuan. If you are a MMA, Tae Kwon, Tang Soo, Hap Ki, etc...if you apply yourself and at the same time keep and open mind, you can get an upper hand on your competition at your next match, by studying with Sifu Bell.

"I have known the Blacktaoist for over 10 years. Currently, I have over 30 years of traditional martial arts experience... I am a tournament Champion many times over...I thought I knew it all. When I met Black, I got my ass handed to me and immediately realized that there was so much more for me to learn. Since then, I have become internationally respected for my skill. From my previous practice combined with what Sifu Bell revealed to me I have been recognized for my commentary on martial arts theory. In addition, I am highly regarded as a coach and judge. Through working with him, I have become a more complete fighter and teacher. It is a process that I will continue to strive for with the Blacktaoist until the end of my days. Therefore personally: I highly endorse Sifu Bell as being a rare gem as a source of LEGITAMITE hardcore traditional martial arts... He connects with students on an interpersonal level immediately. That is outside of the norm and he will train anybody who is open and respectful - effectively on their level in a way that will certainly give them an edge, if not the upper hand in a fight."
-Yi Wu the Dog Boxer Lao Shi

Black Taoist meets Ankh Maa (street fighter)
from Chicago on the welcome mat

Black Taoist meets Jermaine (goju karate)
on the welcome mat


Black Taoist meets Kelly and Jair of Utah
on the welcome mat pt 1


Black Taoist meets Kelly and Jair of Utah
on the welcome mat pt 2


Kelly and Jair sparring on the welcome mat
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