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spacer - Articles: Short Biography Of Master Xu Shi Xi

Xu Shi Xi

Written By Xu Shi Xi


I was born in a Traditional Chinese Doctor's family on Oct. 2, 1942. A book named Shi Gong An had impressed me very much.When I was in the sixth grade of primary school. I respected the martial abilities of the characters in the book and from age 13 I had begun practicing Wushu.

At the beginning of my martial art training , I had no director, I only trained some basics, strength, speed and acrobatic gymnastics with classmates that had studied and learned some Wushu.

When I was about 15 or 16 years of age, I could lift 90 kilogram barbells, exhibiting my strength more powerful than others. In 1958 I won the 3rd place in Beijing Acrobatic Gymnastics Competition. When I was 19 years old , I could lift 120 kilogram barbells.

In early 1960s, I find Mr. Zhang Qinglian of the former Peking 3rd National Martial Arts Stadium. I studied Yin Style BaguaZhang under him. Because I was a sincere and hard practitioner, I made big progress and was favored by Sifu Zhang and was his most thoroughly taught disciple.

During the 20 years that I lived with him, I practice fist, palm, broadsword, spear, cudgel and sword everyday, till early 1989 when Sifu Zhang passed away at the age of 84.

Sifu Zhang is a real martial arts master. He had been selected as representatives of Beijing to the National Wushu Tournaments in 1934 and 1936 and received very good results. Unfortunately, in the Cultural Revolution period, as Sifu Zhang's "elements" were not good (he was divided into one of the "Dard Five Groups") he had not received fare treatment and thus not able to teach more students.

In the Cultural Revolution years, I was not able to be assigned a job because I am not "born well" too, but this had given me time for continuous practice of 8 hours everyday. In the 1970's, in order to upgrade my martial level, I learnt Taiji myself.

Later, I went to learn under the famous Chen Style Taiji Sifu -- Mr. Tian Xiuchen. Sifu Tian later introduced me to Sifu Feng Zhiqiang, and I studied under him until 1987. After that, I carefully studied Master Chen Zhaokui's remarkable internal martial art, the practicing and utilizing of Chen Style Taiji Quan.

I began to integrate Bagua, Chen Style Taiji, Huang Di Nei Jing, Anatomy and Qi Gong and formed my unique style.

Someone had asked me, "why I'm still energetic to fight young opponents at the age of 60?" Actually this is all because I practice continuously in these years. There are no secrets.

I appreciate my martial art Teachers for the things that they had given to me. And I am willing to dedicate all of my knowledge to the next generation of Wushu fans selflessly.

Master Xu Shi Xi Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang Lineage:

Dong Hai Chuan

Yin Fu

Li Bao Sen

Zhang Qing Lian

Xu Shi Xi


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